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Smitty’s Stockpile

As you know, there’s some great stuff on YouTube that was made by singers/artists bent on world domination: they are going to show the world what they can do, dammit! But for some, their own hubris or lack of self-awareness leads to… something else. I’m not really out to make fun. I just want to share some of the magic. I give you: Smitty’s Stockpile.

#5 – That’s America (To Me) – ???

Today’s video is a super-patriotic mind-blower with props, glee-club uniforms, and grown men and women finally acting on their dreams of high school drama club stardom. I give you: That’s America (To Me).

Smitty’s Stockpile #4 – Losing You

This VHS gem from the early 90’s features the rudimentary talents of Jan Terri, a former limo driver from Chicago that was clearly forced into this. I’ve seen more energy on line at the DMV.

Smitty’s Stockpile #3 – The Baddest

You need to know something about southern rapper Froggy Fresh. He can beat you up even if you add one thousand knives. And Froggy Fresh ain’t playin’ son. After all, he is… The Baddest.

Smitty’s Stockpile #2 – Why Must I Cry

Today’s video is a crisp, snappy, self-made entry from Reh Dogg Entertainment. Mr. Reh asks the tough questions for which there are no easy answers, such as: Why Must I Cry?