That Dandy Classic Track of the Day #9

Myth – Beach House (Bloom, 2012)

I know we don’t talk much about music done this decade (in fact this might be the first time we’ve posted anything from the 2010’s). Usually it’s because the passage of time usually has to occur for something to be considered “classic”. This song, by Maryland’s excellent trio Beach House, is a notable exception and for me, an instant classic. And ‘Myth’, admittedly, is one great name for a song.

The song starts with some kind of kettle drum or something before unfolding into a chimey guitar run. Slowly the drum pops in and the lilting-creeping tone is set. The haunting vocals by Victoria Legrand come in at the :48 mark as she starts singing obliquely about drifting in and out. Where the singing really gets me is the chorus when she hits “Help me to make it” twice. While I have no idea what she’s talking about certain words and phrases make their way through the dream pop haze to connect.

The tune takes off into the ether when we get to the guitar solo at 3:30 and just won’t let go. The song ends with a synthesized rhythm stopping and you’re snapped back to reality. But what a fun ride!