#6. God Sent Me Here To Rock You – Naomi Elizabeth

Welcome to “Smitty’s Stockpile” where Dandy’s web guy Smitty un-earths a stash of precious gems from the vaults of YouTube music insanity.

smittys-stockpile-1000Today’s video is a slice of love from the amazing Naomi Elizabeth, who has a job to do – God sent her here to rock you.

Naomi is certainly prolific, having several videos on her YouTube channel to showcase her talents.

Is she a dancer/singer/performer? An artist/videographer/choreographer? All of the above? All signs point to yes, but before you go at her YouTube channel all willy-nilly, allow me to suggest the following selection to open the stargate:

The video for God Sent Me Here To Rock You was recently featured on the Delusional Artists subreddit over at reddit.com. The initial response to the video was one of disbelief: WTF is going on with the sets, the wardrobe… and OMG, the dance moves!? Is she serious?

As the comments went on, however, there was a shift. People logged on to say that the music wasnt bad. Plus the videography is competent. The choreography? Well, she either a) doesnt know what she’s doing or b) actually does but is pretending not to. I’m in camp “b”.

I think Naomi knows what she’s doing. The joke is on everyone else.

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