Smitty’s Stockpile #2 – Why Must I Cry

Welcome to “Smitty’s Stockpile” where Dandy’s web guy Smitty un-earths a stash of precious gems from the vaults of YouTube music insanity.

smittys-stockpile-1000Today’s video is a crisp, snappy entry from the esteemed Reh Dogg of Reh Dogg Entertainment.

Listen as Mr. Dogg implores the viewer: why must he weep over various worries that doth vex him so?

Watch as Mr. Reh Dogg takes a shower to wash away the tears, the sadness… and his crack apparently. Seriously. Like the first 30 seconds in. He’s really going for it. See for yourself.

Without further ado, I give you:

“Why Must I Cry” by Reh Dogg

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