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Guilty Pleasure Saturday #3 – El DeBarge

For this week’s Guilty Pleasure we go back to the unforgettable “Rhythm of the Night” when DeBarge ruled the pop airwaves. Just watch the damn video and try not to sing along 🙂

That Dandy Classic Track of the Day #24

He Was Really Saying Something by The Velvelettes (1964, Motown/V.I.P. single)
This inexplicably brilliant Motown track really has an energy and a verve to it that always spoke to me at a young age.

That Dandy Classic Track of the Day #2

Before Prince. Before R. Kelly. There was the great Marvin Gaye and his live performances gave women all over the world the butterflies (and maybe more). “Distant Lover” was a good song on the “Let’s Get It On” Album, but it took on a better life in concert. Here’s the proof.