Guilty Pleasure Saturday #3 – El DeBarge

Rhythm of the Night – DeBarge (Last Dragon Soundtrack, 1985)

From the jheri curl and cheese-dick moustache combo on El DeBarge to the faux-Caribbean audio tinsel to the choreographed dance-routines on streets that look like a Miami Vice set, this whole production scream the 80’s! But there’s something about it that is somehow endearing and just makes me enjoy the crap out of this. It’s so cheesy and corny it makes no sense.

This song was used to promote the Motown film “The Last Dragon” which tanked terribly. But DeBarge were riding high and did some of their most well-known songs for soundtracks (how about ‘Who’s Johnny?’ for ‘Short Circuit?). All I can say is if you were there this song will hopefully make you smile thinking about simpler times. If not, just watch the video anyway and just laugh until your sides split at about the 3:00 minute mark when El DeBarge starts dancing and losing himself when the song kicks into that higher gear. O-M-G that is insanely funny!


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