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That Dandy Classic Track of The Day, Page 2

Dan and Randy have one qualification when it comes to music that they like. That it be good. Neither genre, band, nor year of release will limit what they are open to enjoying. There are certain bands and albums that we may not have time to do a proper show on, but certain tracks still deserve another listen.

Enter our ‘That Dandy Classic Track of the Day’, wherein we’ll spotlight a song that we feel needs to be shared.

If you have any suggestions for That Dandy Classic Track of the Day, please submit them Right Here. If we pick yours, we’ll give you full credit and our enduring gratitude.

Dandy Classic Track of the Day #42 – Talking Heads

“Lifetime Piling Up” by the Talking Heads was originally an outtake for their last studio album “Naked”. When the band put together their comprehensive best-of “Sand In the Vaseline” this was that rare new track on a compilation that added to the legacy. So much so it may be Randy’s favorite Talking Heads tune!

Dandy Classic Track of the Day – #39 – Skid Row

Power ballads don’t get better or more epic than Skid Row’s “I Remember You” from their debut, self-titled album. To the 14 year-old me it was as good as it got. While I wouldn’t go that far now, the song still rocks!