Dandy Classic Track of the Day – Dawes #37

When My Time Comes – Dawes (North Hills, 2009)

Opening with what sounds like an old-timey guitar tone coming over the mountain, this one-day standard (that’s right I’m calling it now in 2015!) shuffles in innocuously before opening up. This tune has it all. A fist-pumping, sing-a-long chorus (complete with amazing group harmonies), a memorable hooks in multiple places, a philosophical story and amazing work by a band performing beyond their years.

From their debut album, North Hills, this awesome song immediately leaped from my car speakers and onto my short-list for favorite songs of all-time. Sung with wry wit and wisdom by Taylor Goldsmith, “When My Time Comes” sounds like a song that’s been lying around untouched for decades and just needed someone to find it. These guys just released their excellent fourth full-length album (All Your Favorite Bands), but it’s this cut that for my money might be the best song of the 2000’s so far.

I particularly love the line:

“You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks

Yes, you stare into the abyss but it’s staring right back”

The entire band is locked in on this one too as everyone shines. Lyrically it’s a masterpiece. The drums that punctuate key points of the song are masterful. The constant guitar line under most of the track and the solo are top shelf. The basswork is tremendous. For me it’s quite simply audio perfection and I have no idea how this song isn’t a worldwide staple and soundtracks and commercials everywhere are using it. Maybe it’s time hasn’t come yet…

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