Dandy Classic Track of the Day – #39 – Skid Row

I Remember You – Skid Row (Skid Row, 1989)

For the first time ever we’ve picked a hair metal song as the Dandy Classic Track of the Day! The reason we picked “I Remember You” from Skid Row was purely nostalgic. That and the song holds up decently compared to many other ballads from the era.

I can’t tell you how much the 14 year-old version of myself adored this song! I was sure it had to be the greatest song ever recorded when I first heard it. I must’ve put my cassette-single version I had of this through its paces as I can vividly recall rewinding it time-after-time on my cheap little Panasonic radio I wore out.

Beginning with the acoustic guitar of Dave “The Snake” Sabo with a very memorable riff, lead singer Sebastian Bach comes in quickly as before long the band reminds us that they’re in fact a metal band about a minute in as we cruise to the unforgettable chorus:

“Remember yesterday

Walking hand in hand

Love letters in the sand

I remember you”

The second verse expands on the nostalgic feel of the track as he recalls spending summers with the top rolled down and exchanged kisses. By the second singing of the chorus the drama is doubled down and we’re knee-deep in the vocal histrionics and passion of Bach. For my early-teenage years it was like audio catnip.

Not to be forgotten the guitar solo is outstanding in the context it’s in as we are treated to the best elements of hair metal ballads as the song hits the stratosphere as Bach goes ape-shit hitting notes most singers could only hope to. The best part is when he sings the chorus the very last time and really brings out the goosebumps and lighters all over the world are held aloft and we’re treated to one more shredding guitar bit and ‘The Snake’ bookends the entire proceedings with the same acoustic guitar outro he started it all with. This song was also a huge pop hit going all the way to #6 on the Billboard Chart. Don’t worry Skid Row, I remember you too.

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