Featured Artist Favorites #25 – 1 – Prince

Last week I posted my 26-50 favorite Prince songs to coincide with Part 1 of our “Purple Rain” podcast. With the release of Part 2 yesterday, now I can share with you my Top 25 favorite songs from the Purple One. So without further ado here they are (feel free to share yours or comment below):

  1. Little Red Corvette (1999)
  2. Adore (Sign O’ Times)
  3. When Doves Cry (Purple Rain)
  4. Purple Rain (Purple Rain)
  5. Let’s Pretend We’re Married (1999)
  6. Let’s Go Crazy (Purple Rain)
  7. Starfish & Coffee (Sign O’ the Times)
  8. The Holy River (Emancipation)
  9. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (Sign O’ the Times)
  10. Gett Off (Diamonds & Pearls)
  11. Sign O’ the Times (Sign O’ the Times)
  12. Alphabet St. (Lovesexy)
  13. Raspberry Beret (Around the World in the Day)
  14. Thieves In the Temple (Graffiti Bridge)
  15. The Most Beautiful Girl In the World (Single)
  16. 7 (Symbol Album)
  17. Controversy ( Controversy)
  18. Dirty Mind (Dirty Mind)
  19. Kiss (Parade)
  20. Do Me, Baby (Controversy)
  21. U Got the Look (Sign O’ the Times)
  22. Letitgo (Come)
  23. Anna Stesia (Lovesexy)
  24. Electric Chair (Batman Soundtrack)
  25. Cream (Diamonds & Pearls)

Note: Due to Prince and his legal team’s zeal to take down videos on YouTube I don’t have video accompaniment with this post.

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