Top 10 Yacht Rock Songs


Here’s Looking At You, Kid

When we left off on the Dandy Classic Yacht Rock Hearings, it became evident that Dan Minard considered the smooth music churned out from 1976-1984 to be a blight on the popular American music landscape.

Randy W. Hall was a little more moderate in his beliefs about the genre. Dan thought it was the soundtrack to a masculine-life-less-lived as it softened and wussified men the world over while putting women on an unobtainable pedestal.

While Randy understood how the lyrical content could be construed as such in the extreme, he also allowed that it was amazingly good listening when done right.

So in Part 2 we have Randy’s Top 10 favorite ‘Yacht Rock’ songs of all-time, whereas Dan will come up with ‘Examples’ of his larger, overarching point. Often to hilarious effect.

I dare you to listen to this episode and at least not crack a smile. It had me belly-laughing throughout. And as Yacht Rock avatar Ron Burgundy, the ‘Anchorman’ himself, might say “You’re Welcome”

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