Featured Artist Favorites – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

On the heels of our Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Fever To Tell” podcast here’s Randy’s Top 10 Favorite Y-3 songs ever from “Fever” through “Mosquito”. All albums are represented at least twice so that show’s how well-rounded their four album catalog is.

Top 10 Favorite Yeah Yeah Yeah’s tracks

  1. Maps (Fever To Tell)
  2. Gold Lion (Show Your Bones)
  3. Sacrilege (Mosquito)
  4. Dudley (Show Your Bones)
  5. Y Control (Fever To Tell)
  6. Zero (It’s Blitz!)
  7. Buried Alive (featuring Dr. Octagon)(Mosquito)
  8. Rich (Fever To Tell)
  9. Little Shadow (It’s Blitz!)
  10. Cheated Hearts (Show Your Bones)

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