Featured Artist Favorites – Portishead

Though their discography only goes 3 deep (‘Dummy’, ‘Portishead’ and ‘Third’) since I’m not going to draw from the live ‘NYC’, every single album is of great quality and is worth hearing someway, somehow. As we always do after we post part 1 of a podcast on Monday here are my favorite songs from Portishead of all-time:

  1. Roads (Dummy)
  2. All Mine (Portishead)
  3. Glory Box (Dummy)
  4. Over (Portishead)
  5. The Rip (Third)
  6. Mysterons (Dummy)
  7. Mourning Air (Portishead)
  8. Sour Times (Dummy)
  9. Strangers (Dummy)
  10. Cowboys (Portishead)

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