Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Tracks – Part One

bruce-springsteen1With special guest Josh Burgener!

Here’s our Favorite Bruce Springsteen Tracks!

This show has been months in the making and is so big that it required a special guest! Dandy Classic has different outlooks on rock n’ roll icon Bruce Springsteen and ostensibly the E Street Band. Dan Minard respects them, but wouldn’t classify himself as a ‘fan’. Randy W. Hall loves them. Since he is such a luminary in the field of popular music Randy wanted to bring in another party who would join him in a Boss lovefest.

Enter Josh, a family friend, whom geeks out to Bruce more than anybody else Randy knows and also used to host his own podcast, so it was a great match.

This episode came about for several reasons. There are quite a few Bruce podcasts out there on the interwebs, but we couldn’t find any that focused on a set number or countdown of favorite Springsteen songs. Most of them talked about a specific album or did a total career retrospective but not talking about favorite songs. So I decided to take that approach to have a bit of a different take.

The Boss

Which turned out to be quite the undertaking, as the man has 18 proper studio albums, and lots of other B-Side compilations, soundtrack cuts and other stray songs. Well we here at Dandy Classic don’t back down from a challenge and we wind up paying as much homage to him as we can muster and we break our own one-hour time limit on two super-sized episodes.

So Bruce fans, or even Dandy fans who are putting up with this, listen up and compare your own Bruce favorite lists to ours (even Dan does one and even comes up with a trail of musical breadcrumbs to incriminate the Boss in a court-of-law (trust us it’s funny J) and get ready to celebrate the best songs of one of rock’s best album-makers of our times.

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