The Reminder – Part Two

LeslieFeist276Feist is No Mere One Hit Wonder

By the time Leslie Feist released her 3rd solo effort ‘The Reminder’ she had seen it all as a professional musician. Touring relentlessly with ‘Broken Social Scene’ and then working in the background for a host of fellow musicians, including producer-partner-in-crime Chilli Gonzalez, by the time she broke through to a wider audience.

Buoyed by the immense popularity of her Top Ten hit ‘1,2,3.4’ due to its inclusion in a great Ipod Nano ad, the album brought her international fame and acclaim (despite being on the scene for over a decade and on her 3rd solo album she was nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best New Artist’). In fact it’s what got Randy W. Hall to buy the album and add it to his immense record collection. For Dan Minard the song made nary an impact as he was drawn in by the honey-throated songstress’ overall artistic acumen.

This album, as we’ll discuss, was good all the way through and should’ve helped make her an even bigger star as this one contains a variety of fantastic tracks that are poppy and catchy (“I Feel It All”, “My Moon My Man”), introspective and moody (“How My Heart Behaves” and “The Park”). The one constant you’ll hopefully take away is Feist is no mere one-hit wonder as she is perhaps peerless as a post-Lillith Fair female artist worthy of your patronage and admiration. Take a listen and see for yourselves!

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