The Queen Is Dead – Part Two

You Know, Some Girls ARE Bigger Than Others

Continued from Part One…

By listener request, the Dandy Classic Music Hour crew take on The Smith’s best known and critically-lauded work, 1986’s “The Queen is Dead”.

It is the band’s third LP, featuring some of their best and most-loved work.

From the driving, lyrically-ornate title track, to the stately masterpiece “There is A Light That Never Goes Out”, to the literature name-dropping “Cemetery Gates” all the way through the sardonic closer “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”, this LP, celebrating its 30-year anniversary, is considered a highlight of the 1980’s and is featured on many Top 10 critics lists for best album ever.

Come join Dan and Randy as they weigh in on this “Classic” record and its lasting impact in the world of indie and British music. Check it out as our “big mouths strike again” :)!

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