That Dandy Classic Track of the Day #13

The Thrill Is Gone – B.B. King (“Completely Well”, 1969)

RIP B.B. Today one of R&B and blues genres lost one of their greatest performers when Riley B. King (known to millions as B.B. King) passed away at age 89. In his honor we’re featuring him as today’s Dandy Classic Track of the Day (it’s the least we can do)

This song is probably his most well-known work among casual music listeners. It features all of his classic elements. It opens with him playing his beloved guitar Lucille accompanied by strings and an organ that sets the tone. It features a signature guitar solo with crying strings that make you feel the ache.

Legacy of “The Thrill”

This was B.B.’s biggest hits on the pop charts (it reached #15 on the Hot 100) and netted him a Grammy in 1970 for Best Male R&B Vocal performance (richly deserved). This song has been covered by artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin, Little Milton and one-hit wonders Dishwalla. The world lost one of the all-time greats today but he will live on forever with great songs like this to remember him by.

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