That Dandy Classic Track of the Day #10

Into the Groove – Madonna (Like A Virgin, 1984)

Probably more correctly classified as a classic guilty pleasure, one has to admit that this song is pure pop 1980’s perfection. To my nine year-old self this song was as good as it got and I couldn’t help but try to lamely dance every time this one came on. Even 30 years on this synthesized, nursery-rhyme simple track makes me want to sing-along and bust a move despite myself.

Coyly beginning with a keyboard Madonna slyly intones “And you can dance…for inspiration” before the songs releases into a syncopated groove that from this point won’t let go. Key lines like “Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free” and “Don’t try to hide it there’s no disguise, I see the fire burning in your eyes” drive home the point of what she was trying to convey. But the main thing is the undeniably great “Get into the groove boy, you’ve got to prove your love to me” part in the chorus. Also, the part where she would croon “Now I know you’re mine” multiple times would hypnotize me as a youngster as I’d stare at the “Like A Virgin” album cover and let my mind go where Madonna wanted to take me. The song stacks verses chorus’ and verses in a slinky, 80’s teeny bopperish way to great effect. Whatever your opinion on Madonna, she wrote what I’d call a roller-rink classic here.

Before she’d artisticly evolve (or devolve depending on your personal stance) and shed her identities like a snake sheds its skin a dozen times, she was a pop-star taking the charts by storm with great, memorable, if not weighty songs like Into the Groove. I’m not ashamed to say I enjoy more Madonna songs of the 80’s than your average guy my age. This song still stands as one I still enjoy and think my own kids may boogie down to.

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