Taylor Swift Tribute

Icon. Trendsetter. Hit-maker. Scads of Grammy awards and nominations. Crossover musical sensation. Fashionista. Taylor Swift is all of these things and more. So it was a no-brainier that we would feature her on a show.


 We try to highlight music of quality from all eras, even the era we find ourselves in now. Which is why we had decided to do a show on Taylor Swift.


We had the best of intentions, honestly we did.

So Dan and Randy congregated with the intention of paying homage to the music of Swift and realized we didn’t have what we needed to do her justice. So we were faced with an unenviable dilemma. Pack it up and go home or figure out something else and have a podcast to release this week. So we opted for the latter as opposed to the former and decided to select six songs each and try to relate it to Taylor Swift as best we could. Truth be told it turned out pretty damn good. So please give it a listen and be the judge for yourself.

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