Swing In Your Step, Jazz In Your Pants – Part Two

Jazztime, Round Two!

We’re taking on an entire genre in two short hours! Well, we do appreciate, if not like, a challenge. For loyal listeners of the show, you’ll know this one has been a long-time coming. Believe it or not, we battled equipment difficulties and two aborted attempts to do this show before the planets aligned and we got to record this one!

In our quest to be inclusive of as many significant musical genres as possible Handsome Dan threw down the gauntlet to Randy W. Hall to incorporate jazz into the program months ago. Well finally, Randy took the time to delve deeply into a kind of music he only knew superficially and find eleven tracks he could trot out as his favorites. Well to his betterment, and hopefully yours, he did and came out kind of a jazz fan!

We list our fave jazz numbers!

Well, for a genre so rich in history we actually have for you a predictably eclectic pair of lists.

Not as predictably Randy veers toward the hardcore jazz direction, while Dan’s list is more of the mainstream, poppier version. As with any kind of list like this, so many things get left out, some directions go unexplored and it somehow feels incomplete. But if you listen to this show how it’s intended, as a way to celebrate 22 excellent songs from the massive genre known as jazz, then you’re in for a treat, no matter how you feel about jazz in general.

And, as many jazz artists point out, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing! And these episodes have plenty of that.

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