Ramones – Baker’s Dozen

Two parts mescaline and one part a drop of acid, the group loved to play fast and loud (even faster and louder than they were on record even, which is insane) and were America’s Big Night Out for over two decades. They wrote songs about weirdos and outsiders like they were, broken homes, labotomies and even would let their guard down to swallow their pride occasionally and then tell you they wanted to be your boyfriend if the situation called for it.
While never breaking through to the mainstream (none of their records has gone platinum somehow), these guys are revered by their peers and every generation that has followed for great reason. With their art directed by lifelong friend Arturo Vega, these guys have merchandise and an image that is peerless, perfect and unmistakable.

For Dan and Randy, this is a group both can agree is one they always have admired and been a fan of. Dan got into the Ramones by hearing his hero Slash gush about them. For Randy, he found them by older kids talking reverently about them and buying ‘Mondo Bizarro’ on cassette to listen on his walks to-and-from drivers education training.

Both of us have a blast talking about this great band and we hope you enjoy our Ramones discussion in Part 1 followed by our Baker’s Dozen favorite Ramones songs on Part 2. Viva the Ramones! Long live the Ramones!

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