Nashville Rock N’ Pod Expo Interviews – Part 2

We came, we saw, we podcasted! The first ever Rock N’ Pod took place at the Music Valley Event Center on Saturday August 26th (regular listeners of the show probably are well aware of it since we’ve been talking about it incessantly since it was announced in the spring) and it was lit. Dan Minard and Randy W. Hall set up shop and spread the gospel of our podcast far and wide. We were one of about 25 shows (!) that came to the inaugural event put together primarily by Chris Cynczak of The Decibal Geek and BJ “Kahuna” Kramp of Rock and/or Roll and Christine “The Button Queen” Carlson Wolfe.

Let me tell you that if you were lucky enough to be there it was a strong show of brotherhood and camaraderie among a fraternity of (mostly) rock-oriented shows who came from all over North America (there were Canadians all over that place🙂) to join together and meet face-to-face. It was extremely cool and an honor to share the day with so many talented and like-minded guys.

A big part of it was spent having people come over to our booth and sit in on Dandy Classic Music Hour and then appearing on other shows as well. What we have here is Part 2 of our multi-part episodes and we got to meet and interact with some great guys.

First we chat with Eric Miller of Pods N’ Sods. If you haven’t picked up on it as a listener of Dandy Classic we consider Pods to be one of the shows we were huge fans of going into the Expo. Eric is one half of the dynamic duo and one hell of a nice guy. He’s one of the best interviewers in the rock podcasting genre and has talked to many luminaries from Ace Frehley of Kiss all the way to Speech of Arrested Development amongst many others. You can find Eric easily on the Pods N’ Sods network. As to be expected we had a brisk and illuminating back-and-forth with him.

Second we have Lee McCormack, the second wily Canadian we talked to after Brian Sword in Part One. Lee is the host of Tramps Like Us, a podcast devoted to Bruce Springsteen. Lee was one of our neighbors at the Rock N’ Pod and a helluva nice guy with one of the coolest shirts we’ve happened upon. We chatted with Lee about a number of cool thing including Bruce, but the convo branched out to a number of non-Boss topics too. You can find Lee and Tramps Like Us’ on just about any quality podcatcher, and we recommend that you do.

And finally for Vol. 2 we wrap it up with ‘Wild’ Bill Lambusta of “The Great Albums” whom we’ve been friends with from afar for 2 years and finally got to meet face-to-face. Bill follows up Brian Erickson from “TGA” whom we talked to in Part 1 and gets into one of the ‘great’ misconceptions he runs into with fans of the show. Like Brian he lives in Jersey and came from there to join us in Nashville.

It’s all very fascinating as we give you your second taste of what it was like to meet so many great DIY broadcasters! Hope you enjoy it half as much as we did.

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