Moldy Mondays – Number One

Moldy Mondays

That Dandy… Cheese of the Day?

It all began as a simple idea when Randy W. Hall was a D.J. at his college radio station in 1996.

He had a bunch of bad music (admittedly some of them guilty pleasures) he wanted to play on the air under the guise of making fun of it (or actually making fun of it if he did actually dislike it), so he started a daily segment on his program called “Cheesy Song of the Day”.

After awhile he began doing a show with another veteran D.J. named Tom Deyh (R.I.P. Tom) and Tom hit on the idea of doing an entire hour each Monday of “the moldiest cheese we can find” and “Moldy Mondays (get it, moldy cheese J) was born.

Everything from Barbara Streisand to Neil Sedaka to the Spice Girls to Paul Anka was fair game.

While it was relatively short-lived, Randy always taped his radio shows in college (much to every woman he ever dated’s consternation) and Moldy Mondays was never forgotten. When he worked at an advertising agency in the early 2000’s (JWT Detroit) Randy shared Moldy Mondays with a co-worker, Brad Jendza who loved it.

Cheese Part 2: The Cheesening

So when That Dandy Classic Music Hour was born, Brad requested that Dan and Randy do the Moldy Monday’s concept in our current format. Since we love our fans we were happy to oblige. So you asked for it Brad, and here it is. God help us all!

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P.S. In all sincerity we had a lot of fun doing this. But man does most of the music suck (which is the point I suppose)!

Note: If you enjoy this type of musical critique we highly recommend our friends at Counter-Blast. They do this all the time:

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