Sometimes here at That Dandy Classic Music Hour we need a ready-made show. That’s where the idea for Mix CD roulette came in. We did our first volume back in the fall and had so much fun we figured we’d revisit it again.

The concept is Randy took six of his hundreds of different mix CD’s from across different eras and years and rolled a dice to see which one of the 6 we’d then put in Dan’s computer, without knowing the tracklist. From that point we played each track, sight unseen, and provided commentary spontaneously (sort of a ‘Mystery Science Theatre’ kind of deal).  What could really go wrong, right?


So this time it may seem a little odd. We may have been a little tired. Randy may have been a little depressed when he made the disc. But you know what, we did our best and that’s all we can really account for.

Granted we have no idea what’s coming at us, but that’s half the fun, right? So come join us as we run the gamut from good-time Stones to projecting our shortcomings onto a fictional cook named Felipe, all the way to Dan’s excellent Robert DeNiro impression! So take a chance on Dandy Classic and spin the roulette wheel again to who-knows-what-the-hell-is-coming-your-way-next. You only live once right?

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