Led Zeppelin II – Part Two

It’s about time we talked about these guys so listen in as we ‘Ramble On’ while eventually we ‘Bring It On Home’.

Continued from Part One…
Informed greatly by their love of the blues, much like the first album, the follow-up featured more textures and even more heavy, proto-metal type sounds alongside country-tinged tunes and even some dream-pop. While the hit-and-run nature of the recording would seem to be a less-than-ideal way to make an album, the band was so locked-in you’d never know. Also of note was Robert Plant was coming into his own as a lyricist and Page trusted him more to take the ball and run with it, as-it-were.
The single “Whole Lotta Love” went Top 10 on the Billboard chart (the only Led Zep song to ever do so because the band after this would steadfastly refuse to lower their art to pop singles) and got the ball rolling for the record as their fame grew exponentially and the group were well on their way to super-stardom.
On this episode we discuss how important this album and Led Zeppelin were to in Dan’s development as a guitarist (he even plays ‘The Rain Song’ on air) and how Randy got into the band as the CD era was taking off. It’s about time we talked about these guys so listen in as we ‘Ramble On” while eventually we “Bring It On Home.
And lastly, “Thank You” for listening.

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