Guilty Pleasure Saturday #6 – Mandy Moore “Candy”

Candy – Mandy Moore (So Real, 1999)

When it comes to late-90’s teen pop I’m pretty much a stone wall of disgust, but for some reason this song by Mandy Moore (who looks like jailbait, admittedly in the video) somehow made it through my crap-filter. Too the point I’d actually play the song when no one was looking (maybe I should’ve picked this on the ‘No Shame’ episode we did with Rock and/or Roll).

As time has marched on, Mandy Moore has always seemed more level-headed and cool than many of the scads of little girls singing pop songs at the time (Britney, Christina, Jessica Simpson, et al) and I loved her in the movie ‘Saved’. I could be wrong on that as she ended up marrying the mercurial Ryan Adams, but they are splitting so who knows.

I think one reason I always liked this is I’d change the lyrics to my name (Randy for those of you who don’t know) as a joke. Plus I’m a huge fan of candy in general, so there’s that :).

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