Let’s face it, if you’re interested in this program, odds are you were either a Music fan and/or a Chris Cornell fan and know most or all of the details of losing him a scant few weeks ago so we’ll save you reading the saddening details yet again.

The idea of this show is to express how much of a fan Dan Minard and Randy W. Hall were, and are, of Chris Cornell. First in Soundgarden, then as a solo artist, and also in one-off Temple of the Dog and his well-known supergroup Audioslave.

In Part 1 we discuss our own fandoms and how he was one of Dan’s all-time favorite singers and how he has a degree from Cornell (as a student of the man, not the college) and his esteemed membership in the exclusive online community known as Knights of the Soundtable (it’s as awesome as it sounds 😄). Randy recalls how he got into Soundgarden his junior year of high school and how he considers ‘Badmotorfinger’ his all-time favorite Cornell featuring album. We also broach the touchy topic of his ill-fated 2009 solo project “Scream” because we’re anything if not thorough.


In Part 2 we discuss each of our favorite Cornell-sung songs in detail and Randy ( who’s never met a list he doesn’t like) reveals his eleven fave songs in descending order). Dan rolls his eyes and plays along as we pay tribute to one of the best voices of a generation and grieve yet again another legends untimely passing. This time it’s most definitely personal.

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