Guilty Pleasure Saturday #2 – Chingy “Holidae In”

“Holidae In” – Chingy w. Snoop Dogg & Ludacris (Jackpot, 2003)

For our second installment of Guilty Pleasure Saturday I’ve selected one-album wonder Chingy from St. Louis (which also gave us Nelly) and his unbelievably catchy “Holidae In” from his debut album ‘Jackpot’. Due to being on Ludacris’ pet record label he gets to guest with him and the legendary Snoop Dogg on this track, and everyone gets a chance to shine on it. Why a guilty pleasure? Well let’s say it’s a little exploitative and a lot misogynistic. But man this song just gets stuck in your head and I don’t even mind. Snoop does his usual laconic drawl thing and when Ludacris says “stop, drop, kaboom!” it’s game on. Even Chingy and his grating style aren’t problems in this song. If the guy is remembered for one thing, I hope it’s this song!


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