Guilty Pleasure Saturday – #1 Paula Abdul “Rush Rush”

For me keeping my weight down has always been a challenge throughout the years. Over the years I’ve had to modify my diet and work around my sweet-tooth. Still, I’ve always given myself a cheat day so as not to deprive myself completely. Otherwise I’d go crazy and just relapse and be a 300 pound wreck. Historically my cheat day has been Saturday because if you’re going to let yourself go for a day the weekend is a great time to do so.

What the heck does this have to do with music and this website? This may be a stretch but I’ve always equated certain music, let’s call them guilty pleasures, as cheating on my diet of normally good music. While it may be fun to indulge, you most certainly wouldn’t want to live there. And Lord knows I have a shit-ton of guilty pleasures I like to indulge in from time-to-time.

Due to our upcoming guest appearance on the excellent podcast Rock and/or Roll: ( where we talk about songs we like that might be humbling and also our own Moldy Mondays episode I thought it would be fun to devote one day of the week, to a favorite guilty pleasure song of mine (even if it is embarrassing) instead of the typical Dandy Classic Track of the Day. I’ll still post those on Wednesdays and Sundays, but from now on I’m going to let you in on the seedy unbelly of my music fandom.

Rush Rush – Paula Abdul (Spellbound, 1991)

In the summer of 1991 this saccharine piece of balladry was #1 on the Billboard chart for 5 weeks. I had been a fan of Paula’s first album “Forever Your Girl” (hey, I was a teenager and a young one at that!). However when this song came out I fell in love with it. Yes, I realize it’s cheesy. Yes, I know that Paula’s not the world’s greatest singer. I even know Keanu Reeves is featured prominently in the video (and I loathe his acting). Yes, I know the violin part is so over-the-top that Sylvester Stallone called and wants his movie title back. Yet I still like this tune. Sue me all you purveyors of taste! And for the rest of you here it is one more time to blow your mind:

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