Fever To tell – Part Two


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – One of 2003’s Best New Groups

For those of you who were there you may remember the punky, energetic group with the inscrutable lead singer (Karen O) as the next wave of retro-punk-pop-rock as injecting life back into the rock music scene with the excellent single and video “Maps”.

And how about that amazing drummer of theirs, Brian Chase? Man can that guy hit the skins! Not to be outdone, the winsome and handsome Nick Zinner played a mean, unmistakable brand of guitar. The three combined to make a debut record on ‘Fever To Tell’ that was voted on just about every major publications Top 10 of 2003 lists and for good reason. It shows a band that can take conventional concepts and turn them on their head. They also had some really smoking tunes as well.

For Dan this record really hit home as he really latched onto the energy of the band and how angular and raw their approach was. Plus Karen O and her vocal stylings were totally badass.
For Randy, he got into the records by a little more nefarious means (to impress a young lady) and found the music holds up very well.

Heck, the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs definitely don’t hide their influences (a little Blondie, a little Siouxsie & the Banshees, a little early P.J. Harvey, et al) but they create a blend of music all their own. So let’s do it like a prison break, guys and gals, I wanna see you scream and shake!

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