Featured Artist Favorites – Billy Joel

Top 15 Favorite Billy Joel songs of All-Time

This week on the podcast we had mega-seller Billy Joel and his most popular album 1977’s ‘The Stranger’, which predictably, is the most well-represented album on Featured Artist Favorites. For you ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ fans this list probably won’t make you happy. For the rest of you, enjoy and discuss amongst yourselves:

  1. Big Shot (52nd Street)
  2. She’s Always A Woman (The Stranger)
  3. Anthony’s Song (Movin’ Out)(The Stranger)
  4. You May Be Right (Glass Houses)
  5. A Matter of Trust (The Bridge)
  6. Only the Good Die Young (The Stranger)
  7. Allentown (The Nylon Curtain)
  8. An Innocent Man (An Innocent Man)
  9. Pressure (The Nylon Curtain)
  10. She’s Got A Way (The Bridge)
  11. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (The Stranger)
  12. New York State of Mind (Turnstiles)
  13. Honesty (52nd Street)
  14. Don’t Ask Me Why (The Bridge)
  15. Just the Way You Are (The Stranger)

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