Featured Artist Favorites – Best Bruce Springsteen songs of the 21st Century

As I mentioned in the podcast about Bruce Springsteen’s Top 10 Favorite songs, the man has been remarkably consistent since the turn of the century. Since I wasn’t able to work in but one song from the era I figured it would be good to list my Top 10 songs from The Boss of the current millenium:

Top 10 Favorite Bruce Springsteen songs of the 21st Century

  1. The Rising (The Rising)
  2. Into the Fire (The Rising)
  3. Long Walk Home (Magic)
  4. Outlaw Pete (Working On A Dream)
  5. Devils & Dust (Devils & Dust)
  6. American Skin (41 Shots)(High Hopes)
  7. The Wrestler (Working On a Dream)
  8. Land of Hopes & Dreams (Wrecking Ball)
  9. All the Way Home (Devils & Dust)
  10. What Love Can Do (Working on a Dream)
  11. (Tie) Your Own Worst Enemy (Magic)

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