Everlast – The Rhyme Syndicate – Wow!

Usually on Tuesdays we do a Top whatever list of our favorite songs by that artist. However with House of Pain it’s tough to do so as aside from their debut album there’s only a few songs even worth mentioning (‘On Point’ and ‘Who’s the Man?” come to mind) so we decided to have a different tact for this one. As Dan mentioned on the show Everlast had a brief solo career with some outfit called the Rhyme Syndicate and man is it embarrassing! Apparently Ice T was involved. Here’s one called “The Rhythm” and it’s something else:

Since that was so good, here’s one more he did called “Syndication” that even was taped off defunct network ‘The Box’ we’ve cited on our Top 10 Hip-Hop tracks episode http://wp.me/p5Zdks-5g. All I can say is thank God he went the House of Pain route or he’d have been a footnote that was regarded as a poor man’s Vanilla Ice!

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