Featured Artist Favorites – Guns N’ Roses

From ‘Appetite’ to ‘Chinese Democracy’

Axl with dolphin
Nothing says ‘Estranged’ like Axl and a dolphin!
  1. Estranged (Use Your Illusion 2)
  2. November Rain (Use Your Illusion 1)
  3. You Could Be Mine (Use Your Illusion 2)
  4. Nightrain (Appetite For Destruction)
  5. Welcome To the Jungle (Appetitie For Destruction)
  6. Patience (Lies)
  7. Coma (Use Your Illusion 1)
  8. Sweet Child O’ Mine (Appetite For Destruction)
  9. Don’t Cry (Version 1)(Use Your Illusion 1)
  10. Paradise City (Appetite for Destruction)
  11. Chinese Democracy (Chinese Democracy)
  12. Rocket Queen (Appetite For Destruction)
  13. Don’t Damn Me (Use Your Illusion 1)
  14. Sympathy For the Devil (‘Interview With A Vampire’ Soundtrack)
  15. Dust N’ Bones (Use Your Illusion 1)
  16. Civil War (Use Your Illusion 2)
  17. Buick Makane (Spaghetti Incident?)
  18. Madagascar (Chinese Democracy)
  19. Better (Chinese Democracy)
  20. Live & Let Die (Use Your Illusion 1)

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