Dandy Classic Track of the Day #52 – The Doors “Summer’s Almost Gone”

Summer’s Almost Gone – The Doors (Waiting For the Sun, 1968)

Ever since I first heard this song back in the early 1990’s it’s been a tradition of mine to play this every Labor Day weekend. With it’s whimsical musical intro and the laconic vocals of Jim Morrison this one sets the scene perfectly.

I’ve always enjoyed the slide guitar of Robbie Kreiger and the lazy, sleepy vibe of the rest of the band on this Doors deep cut from their 4th album “Waiting For the Sun”. My favorite part is when Morrison croons:

“Morning found us calmly unaware. We’ll burn gold into our hair

At night we swam the laughing sea, when summer’s gone where will we be?”

The song expertly conveys the bittersweet sadness of a season passing and it couldn’t be finer. Now let’s go watch some football and get ready for good fall times!

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