Dandy Classic Top 10 Movie Soundtrack Songs

In a world where music podcasts are fast and furious, and we fight to get the audiences attention, a pair of AWESOME guys from Detroit stepped in that competitive vortex to form a bond and partnership unprecedented before. That or I wanted to say something suitably dramatic since this week we’re talking movie soundtracks. You decide which.


Movie soundtracks serve a variety of useful purposes. For the directors they often help drive a narrative or stress a particular emotion or theme in a particular theme.

For the artists they can be a way to reach a new audience, expose a new song without an album to call home, or offer an opportunity to show a different side of themselves.

For fans it offers the chance to relive the thrill of a movie they love, purchase an album featuring artists they’re fans of and/or support the filmmakers.

For record labels it’s usually a showcase for their top and/or upcoming acts and another source of revenue if they hitch their wagons to the right production.

Whatever the reason we here at DandyClassic thought 100 episodes in that it was high time to feature the songs of film we each love and ordinarily may not have a chance to highlight. So on Dan Minard’s suggestion we each present our Top 10 favorite soundtrack songs from a film. And it’s the stuff epic dreams are made of as you’ve come to expect from a DandyClassic production.

Warning: This episode features more profanity and singing-along than ever before. Kind of like a good Eddie Murphy movie.



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