Badmotorfinger – Part Two

Continued from Part One…

From the fire-and-brimstone of “Jesus Christ Pose”, to the blissful dread of “Mind Riot”, and all the way through the apocalyptic “New Damage” this LP had something for every fan of rock music.

Paired with their opening for Guns N’ Roses on their ‘Use Your Illusion” Tour and Nirvana’s crossover to the mainstream the band was building a great foundation for their ultra successful “Superunknown” in 1994. However the band the world would come to know and love first blossomed on this one, “Badmotorfinger”. For Dan Minard it was a group he’d cherish and follow until this very day and even be inspired by in his own music. For Randy it was an album that was undeniably fantastic and he’d take it with him throughout his life and be part of his musical diet.

So come listen as Dandy Classic reviews and reminisces on one of our favorite rock albums of the 1990’s, if not all-time.

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