Featured Artist Favorites – (London) Suede

It’s no secret that as a band I’m a huge (London) Suede fan. While most of America doesn’t agree with me, for those that get them I hope you enjoy my list of Top 20 Suede songs of all-time (sorry fans of ‘New Morning’ but I never liked that record):

Top 20 Favorite Suede Tracks of All-Time

  1. The Asphalt World (Dog Man Star)
  2. The Wild Ones (Dog Man Star)
  3. Animal Nitrate (Suede)
  4. Everything Will Flow (Head Music)
  5. My Dark Star (Stay Together EP)
  6. Killing of a Flashboy (Sci-Fi Lullabies)
  7. The Drowners (Suede)
  8. We Are the Pigs (Dog Man Star)
  9. She (Trash)
  10. Whipsnade (Sci-Fi Lullabies)
  11. Stay Together (Stay Together EP)
  12. So Young (Suede)
  13. Still Life (Dog Man Star)
  14. By the Sea (Trash)
  15. The Living Dead (Stay Together EP)
  16. Trash (Trash)
  17. Metal Mickey (Suede)
  18. It Starts and Ends With You (Bloodsports)
  19. My Insatiable One (Sci-Fi Lullabies)
  20. New Generation (Dog Man Star)


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