Featured Artist Favorites – Metallica

On the heels of our “…And Justice for All” episode for Metallica here are Randy W. Hall’s Top 15 favorite Metallica songs of all-time.  No “Load”, “St. Anger”, “S & M” or “Lulu” and that’s probably for the best.

  1. Harvester of Sorrow (…And Justice for All)
  2. Fade To Black (Ride the Lightning)
  3. Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets)
  4. Seek & Destroy (Kill ‘Em All)
  5. One (…And Justice for All)
  6. Of Wolf & Man (Black Album)
  7. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)(Master of Puppets)
  8. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Ride the Lightning)
  9. All Nightmare Long (Death Magnetic)
  10. Battery (Master of Puppets)
  11. Hit the Lights (Kill ‘Em All)
  12. The Memory Remains (Reload)
  13. The Call of Ktulu (Ride the Lightning)
  14. The End of the Line (Death Magnetic)
  15. Breadfan (Garage Days)





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