Updated Nashville Rock N’ Pod Expo information


Fans of the show please donate to the cause at this link. Also come see That Dandy Classic Music Hour live at the Expo! So far we have three different live shows scheduled with fellow podcasters:

  1. Top 5 Kiss Songs – We will be doing this with our buddies Craig Smith and Eric Miller. Come see if Dan can even name 5 Kiss songs by August 26th!
  2. The Replacements – Pleased To Meet Me – We will discuss track-by-track with Friends of the podcast The Great Albums with “Wild” Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson. Like Randy, the Great Albums loves the ‘Mats. This is Randy’s favorite Replacements full-length. Makes too much sense.
  3. Cheap Trick – Cheap Trick – The album that started it all. Cheap Trick and every power-pop wannabe thereafter. BJ Kramp, festival organizer and huge Cheap Trick mark from the Rock and/or Roll, will join us to go track-by-track on this all-timer. Word is he also has his own Cheap Trick podcast with one Ken Mills too :).

Depending on time there may be more to come, but there will be a crap-ton of live broadcasting going on. Join us but if you can’t give us money so we can help everyone get here and then entertain you on the show.

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