Top Ten Hip Hop Tracks – Part Two


In the last 30-plus years, hip-hop has continued to grow and evolve to the point where hip-hop is pop music and dominates youth culture and the Billboard Top 100 singles chart like rock once did.

With that in mind sit back and listen to Dandy wax nostalgic on their favorite hip-hop/rap tracks and memories.

Dan taps into some deep rap cuts, while Randy has a most unfortunate flashback (complete with ebonics) back to the streets of his youth in Northwest Detroit. From Run DMC to DMX, and Eminem to 2Pac, Biggy and Outkast and many points in-between listen to Dandy Classic throw it down like only they can.

Oh, and it also may not be safe for work, so make sure the boss isn’t over your shoulder.

– for May 25th, 2015

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