Top 11 Favorite “One-and-Done” songs – Part 1

What is a one-and-done song in Dandy Classic Music vernacular? Is it just a clever-sounding title drummed up by our marketing department?


Maybe a little of that slick-sounding click-baitesque sounding logic applies. But what it boils down to is Dan and Randy didn’t want to do a straight-forward one-hit-wonder list. While there are several of those sprinkled on each of our lists, it encompasses more than that.

Basically, we open it up to include that one song by artists we don’t either like (ala a Staind or Hootie & the Blowfish) or have any more knowledge of to include a song of there’s we dig. Or if we just know one song by an artist and really love it, which means we could include non-hits too. What it does is open up an incredible array of possibilities for a list show that may just be our best ever. You be the judge and turn this shit up loud!

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