That Dandy Classic Track of the Day #17

Crystal – New Order (Get Ready, 2001)

By the time this song was released New Order had been part of the pop music landscape for a good 20 years and had nothing to prove to anybody.  Having broken up for 5 years before reuniting in 1998 no one was sure what they would get when the band released their first new album in 8 years when “Get Ready” hit record shops in 2001. What greeted fans (like me) was this fantastic slice of Bernard Sumner-sung goodness.

Right off the bat the song starts with an electronic keyboard and then a soulful singer coming up in the mix before the guitars come in to take over and kick your ass. Before too long we’re whisked away by a propulsive synth and drum track and “Crystal” is off-and-running. Lyrically it’s vague and almost throwaway, but the way it’s used to convey the spirit of the song is pitch perfect. The chorus “Here comes love, it’s like honey, you can’t buy it with money, you’re not alone anymore, you shook me to the core” is devastating in its simplicity and execution. And then when he hits you with the “Keep it coming”’s  it’s like he’s narrating how fans felt when they put this on back before 9/11 knocked the wind out of us.

When I first got this record I listened to this song on repeat for a good hour before even getting to the second track. It’s still one of my favorite New Order songs to this day as it just takes me on a fun journey and just sounds so good on a car stereo when you’re bombing down the highway. Also of note was the band The Killers got the name of their band from this video as it’s the name of the fictional band that’s mimicking the real band. I’ve included the superior album version and the video version for your listening and viewing pleasure. You’re welcome :).

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