That Dandy Classic Track of the Day #14

Down At McDonnelzzz – Electric Six (2007, I Shall Exterminate Everything That Restricts Me From Being the Master)

Full disclosure this song was co-written by my friend, Zach Shipps (aka The Colonel) along with the mastermind of the Electric Six, Tyler Spencer (aka Dick Valentine) so I may have an ulterior motive in promoting this song. But seriously, this is one kick-ass, catchy song.

Starting with an ominous synth groove and a playful piano this song kind of comes in quirkily before the falsetto of Valentine gets involved and the guitar (of my homeboy Zach) slowly takes over. Stupidly misspelling the name of McDonald’s (I assume due to copyright reasons) the song appears to be about the fast food restaurant on the precipice of closing when apparently a gang of a-holes take umbrage to the closing up and start a fracas.

Without a doubt this song has one of the funniest and memorable chorus’ you’ll ever hear. I mean who can sing about hitting the bottle with Ronald McDonald and keep a straight face?  Just about as good is the electric piano that plays under everything and keeps the beat to perfection.  This song incorporates so many styles brilliantly it’s a tall order to keep up with it all.

Near the end a crazy saxophone even gets involved with Shipps intricate guitar work and takes the song up another level. But, hot damn, that guitar solo just shreds while Valentine gets to scream with all of his mocking bravado. It’s got a swagger and a sense of humor that just grabs me, what can I say? Why don’t you take a listen and see if it doesn’t grab you? My people need a place to go indeed!

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