Prince Tribute & Top 10 Songs – Part 1

On April 21. 2016 the unthinkable happened. Prince Rogers Nelson, one of the most talented musical artists of this, or any other generation, died prematurely at the tender age of 57, leaving fans worldwide shocked and grief-stricken at his untimely demise. Spanning a recording career of 40 years he left behind perhaps the richest musical legacy of anyone who has walked Planet Earth. Not only that, presumably there’s vast amounts of unheard and unexplored material still to see the light of day.


As for what we have heard and do know, it’s inarguable how diverse and successful his recording career was in his time. Everyone knows his biggest hits, “Purple Rain”, “1999”, “When Doves Cry”, “Raspberry Beret”, “Kiss”, “U Got the Look” and “Little Red Corvette” but in our Dandy Classic tribute we wanted to pay homage to his entire career. Dan Minard will do the honors and tell you his Top Ten favorite Prince songs, while Randy W. Hall will give his Top 10 Underrated Prince songs, since he’s already published his Top 50 favorite Prince songs on this very website. We’ll of course share some of our favorite memories of the man, the myth, and of course, the legend. Since this is one of Randy’s all-time favorite artists and one that the world has seemingly mourned more than any other, we hope you listen and enjoy our tribute to a truly one-of-a-kind who we will never see the likes of again.

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