Featured Artist Favorites – Run DMC

Top 10 Favorite Run DMC songs Ever

This list is going to be ‘Raising Hell’ heavy due to it being the one we just reviewed, so it’s top-of-mind. But it’s also perhaps their finest hour so that makes total sense. Here’s our Top 10 favorite tracks from the seminal trio’s entire discography:

  1. King of Rock (King of Rock)
  2. It’s Tricky (Raising Hell)
  3. Peter Piper (Raising Hell)
  4. Rock Box (Run DMC)
  5. It’s Like That (Run DMC)
  6. Dumb Girl (Raising Hell)
  7. You Talk Too Much (King of Rock)
  8. Run’s House (Tougher Than Leather)
  9. Walk This Way (w. Aerosmith)(Raising Hell)
  10. Raising Hell (Raising Hell)

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