Dandy Classic Track of the Day #51 – Earth, Wind & Fire “September”

September – Earth, Wind & Fire (Best of EWF, Vol. 1, 1978)

I remember being a little kid in Detroit, MI and just losing my mind dancing in the living room to this song. I was all of three when this came out, so that memory is one of my very first. My Dad was a pretty big EWF fan as he had the EWF Best of on vinyl and would play it regularly when growing up.

Opening with the guitar chords strumming that give way to the bright, shiny horns before Maurice White and Phillip Bailey start their blissful singing, this song is a veritable blueprint of how to make a great dance-pop song. Released in the heart of the disco era, this song would be more old-school R & B.

To me it’s  like a music chemist somewhere took Chicago and Motown decided to make the  perfect amalgamation for the pop music crowd, dressed them up as warriors and you had Earth, Wind & Fire. The reason I picked this one other than the fun memory from my early childhood was we just started the month of ‘September’ and for me it’s always been my favorite month. Football, my favorite sport, is starting. The weather starts to cool down after a hot summer. The fall colors start to emerge. It’s always been a magical type of time and this song helps capture that essence.

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